With over 35 years of experience and more than 10 patents, M’DESIGNS could be a valuable addition to your product development efforts. My clients have found that my diversity of experience brings fresh ideas to their specific design requirements. My rich manufacturing background and strong engineering skills combined with innovation and invention have helped many clients bring successful products to the marketplace in a timely and cost effective manner.

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DuPont Paint Chip Display

Identical plastic extrusions slide together and flexible swatch cards snap in to create an inexpensive display of any width and any height. Used in auto body shops as a point-of-purchase sales aid.

Tractor Seat Dining Stool

Tractor seat dining stool adaptation in powder coated steel. The tractor seat was obviously not designed for dining but this one is very comfortable for at least the length of a meal and has a strong sculptural quality.


Patented, die cut paper and plastic CD rack that ships flat and assembles easily without hardware or tools. This was a premium used at trade shows as a hand-out for corporate advertising.

Endust Spray Can

Sara Lee blow molded aluminum can form. This image shows preliminary graphics by Hanson Design.

RCA Wireless Headphones Package

RCA blister package for the retail display and sales of wireless headphones.

Sodexo Salesman’s Case

Sodexho sales kit for aluminum ring binders. Fabricated, powder coated sheet aluminum minimizes weight and maximizes security and durability.

Mechanical Puzzle

Patented mechanical puzzle. Each row of spheres spin together in either the x or the y axis to mix or un-mix the colors. Internal gears act as gears and pivots alternately. This design was the first product for a new puzzle company – elogIQ.

IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) IDEA Silver Award – Consumer Products Category.

Articulating Bin Box

Patented, one-piece, injection molded bin box with articulating hopper. Used in the electronics industry to store and dispense static sensitive electronic components for the hand assembly of printed circuit boards.

Westinghouse Pendant Lamp

Westinghouse pendant light. One of a group of three designs for garage and work shop environments in stores as of 2008. In this particular design, the light is baffled to minimize the “light in your face” effect and also to protect the bulb. The direct down light and the light bouncing off the reflector puts light where it is needed.

AL’X Ortho Chair

Patented lounge chair that unfolds in one motion from a 2 1⁄2” package. Steel tube and canvas or leather for indoors. Powder coated aluminum and vinyl/nylon mesh for outdoors. This is a proprietary design for which I am seeking a manufacturer.

Native American TIPI Architectural Model

Accurate, 1/12 Scale model in paper and wood of a Native American Great Plains TIPI. A flat-pack kit for assembly without tools or fasteners. A celebration of this Native American Architectural Masterpiece.

“Never has so little, been used so wisely, to create so much.”

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For more info or to discuss your particular project, please call or e-mail Matt Marhefka.


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