The art and science of creating manufactured products. Without the art, a car would look like a military jeep. Without the science, an axe would be a sharpened stone.


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from the Philadelphia College of Art (The University of the Arts)

Solid Works Professional: Solid Works Essentials / Part Modeling / Advanced Solid Modeling / Advanced Surface Modeling

Microstation Professional: The Bentley Institute – Everything 3D


The Industrial Design award for my graduating class.

The IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Awards) Silver Award in the Consumer Products category for the mechanical puzzle.

The Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association / Benjamin Franklin Award for Excellence in Direct Marketing


I prefer working as part of a team of people whose input can include market research results, performance and engineering data, manufacturing constraints and packaging requirements where the team is in constant communication during every step of the development process.

I have found, however, that the appearance of a product is more successful when it is the expression of an individual designer or, at most, a very small group of designers.